About us

A pioneer trading company presence in the Saudi Arabia market for over 20 years via the networking of distributors and applicators in the local country, and middle east we are experienced in all the latest effective solutions and methods in the smart waterproofing system and the integral concrete protection field, under the leadership of highly skilled staff. offers expert solutions regarding installation and repair of waterproofing in Dubai. Our projects spread across the UAE. With more than 15 years’ industry experience We are capable of tackling all waterproofing needs with more than a decade of experience in the region to implementing new effective technologies. We are also having a field force that meets international standards.

What makes us standout


International Developers Experts is an exclusive represents a wide range of international brands in the field of construction waterproofing, concrete repairs, and additives of concrete protection. As an enterprise with a desire to introduce competent high-quality construction chemical products and services for the local market in Saudi Arabia, we are pleased to officially benchmark our region’s presence in the Middle East.


IDE visions and missions are not only to promote the company images, technology, and brand name in the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East markets but also to advise clients on the methods most appropriate for cost and time savings. In addition, we looking for a different way to develop the works and methods to keep our clients at the top ranks of satisfaction.


IDE provision of economical, environmentally Eco-friendly solutions, long-lifetime of concrete protection, reduced maintenance, and saving the initial investment budget for projects. Thus, the systematic selection of green and sustainable building materials helps the clients to avoid suffering the consequences of using short-lived building materials that are negatively impacting property owners.


In addition to our consultancy on construction waterproofing solutions and technologies, we also provide technical support, training, sales, and aftersales services as well as coordinate with the applicators, contractors, and distributors to provide fully advanced waterproofing solutions.


IDE understands the individual needs and requirements of every project and works hand-in-hand with consultants, designers, and contractors to ensure proper materials are utilized in every case.


IDE is the correct business partner to do business with, as well as we provide a new vision of smart waterproofing solutions to solve and protect our client’s projects from water, seawater, aggressive chemical, and any other leakage problems.


IDE success is built on quality, experience, reputation, value, and the sense of pride we have in our work. These attributes are reflected in our performance and form the core of who we are as a business. As we vow to offer superior products and services, delivered with integrity, to our customers.


In addition to our advice on solutions and technologies, we also provide support and training to waterproofing contractors in applying the products on the projects and ensuring that they are implemented in the right ways that give positive results.


To produce a high level of quality services without compromising the specifications and the standards.

To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.

To continually improve the effectiveness of the Insulating materials in all the projects.

To document and measure quality objectives and targets through internal audit and management review.

To deliver all our services in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our clients.

That every employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of Company products and services.


Ide trade strives to be the best in its class by offering a superior product with regard to the standard of workmanship and knowledge, safe working procedures, practices and policies and the installation


The mission of ide Trade as a waterproofing supplier and the contractor is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience, and leadership as the finest waterproofing organization by:


Continuously improving the quality of our work and services.


Constantly striving to exceed each client’s expectations.


Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles


work hard, and we work smart, while always recognizing our client’s expectations


We uphold a high level of quality assurance during every project we do