A full system for any wet area under tiling that will be in direct contact with water such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms, and others in residential or commercial buildings either on a new building or for repairing old ones. In both cases, a waterproofing system needs to be applied under tilling in order to protect the concrete and prevent any water leakage.

Proper waterproofing in wet areas which we offer is absolutely vital and critical due to the constant use of water. The points of leakages are weak areas such as wall joints, and around pipes therefore, it is supported by a fiber mesh. Water leaking into the floor and wall can very easily significantly damage the rebar steel of the concrete and do some damage to the construction.

It is key to apply an impermeable layer of cementation material that has special specifications over the concrete to stop the spread of moisture and water to achieve the necessary protection and sustainability in all your wet areas