Concrete is strong, durable, and well-understood material. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever without proper maintenance. It is widely used in most structures such as foundations, bridges, buildings, water tanks, and even dams that can be made from concrete.

The performance of concrete as a construction material depends on several factors that affect concrete durability over time. All concrete will be subject to chemical and physical change. Yet, one of the main causes of concrete failure is due to rebar corrosion which will then lead to the concrete bursting due to rust formation. Causes of concrete failure can be due to penetration of water on the concrete, Alkali-Silica reactions, chemical attacks, impact damage as well as frost expansion.

we provide a unique concrete repair system with crystalline waterproofing technology that in some cases combines different methods of repair depending on the condition. The repair proposal will be decided by our engineering to be efficient and economical at the same time. The concrete structure will mainly be repaired using the repair materials with crystalline waterproofing technology, which involves cementitious materials that have similar properties to concrete, and therefore more compatible with concrete than other products.