Despite the application of waterproofing systems during the construction stage, walls and floors may suffer from water leakage. Our team is one of the most experienced to stop water leakages from concrete. We serve the clients with our excellence, experience, and commitment to stopping water leakages from concrete by using high-quality products and several technical methods.


The concrete water leakage is of course a sign of improper curing, inadequate design, poor workmanship, or structure failure. Cracks allow moisture and other contaminants to penetrate and the rebar deteriorates losing the structural value.


A precise process and specific techniques are employed to stop the water leakage, which may include resin injection. We carefully select the type of resin, taking into consideration the methodology of work. The injected material varies from low viscosity, closed-cell hydrophobic active rigid polyurethane, low viscosity closed-cell hydrophilic flexible polyurethane, acrylic-based hydrophilic resin, low viscosity epoxy resins, to thixotropic ultrafine cement.


The purpose of our system to stop the leakages of water are multiple. First, prevents moisture entry, and secondly, it welds the structure monolithically strengthening the concrete.